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Industrial-Grade DAS Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Communications Enhancements

Wireless Coverage Enhancements for Production Facilities Line workers and supervisory teams within manufacturing and production environments must be able to quickly and clearly communicate during

Carrier-Grade DAS Solutions for Retail Shopping Centers

Retail Wireless Coverage Enhancements

In-Building Wireless Coverage for Shopping Centers  Large indoor shopping centers house dozens to hundreds of stores, kiosks, and restaurants that all require reliable internet connectivity

Cellular DAS Solutions for Medical Centers

Healthcare Wireless Coverage Enhancements

Coverage Enhancements for Hospitals and Medical Centers  Current trends within the healthcare industry, especially in hospital environments, have doctors and other medical professionals becoming more

Carrier-Grade DAS Solutions for Stadiums and Event Centers

Arena-Wide Wireless Coverage Enhancements

Coverage Enhancements for Event Venues  Stadiums, arenas, concert halls, and other large scale entertainment venues play host to tens of thousands of paying attendees, and

Security Alerting and Notification Solutions

Mass Notification Solutions for Security Applications Mass notification systems (MNS) simultaneously broadcast real-time alerts and information to large numbers of individuals. The primary function of

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A Beginner’s Guide to Facial Recognition

What Is Facial Biometrics? Facial biometrics refers to the measurement of facial characteristics for the purpose of identifying particular individuals. In turn, facial recognition uses

MNS for Utilities

Utility Alerting And Notification Solutions

Mass Notification Solutions for Public and Private Utilities National, regional, and local power, gas, and water utilities keep our countrys’ economy alive on both the

DAS Solutions for Airport Communications Infrastructure Enhancements

In-Airport Wireless Coverage Enhancements

Critical Communications for Airport Safety and Security International, regional, and local airports must adhere to a myriad of regulations and have some of the most

MCA Presents at IWCE 2022

Andy Koehler, an Account Executive with Mobile Communications America, will present at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) 2022. IWCE will take place in Las

Improving Production Efficiency With SCADA

SCADA Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities Implementing SCADA systems within your manufacturing facilities boosts their efficiency by equipping operators and managers with critical insights into current

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