Wide Area Services

What is Wide Area Service?

Wide area service allows you to use your radios over the entire Central Texas area. This is ideal for any business that wants to maintain two-way radio service with employees who are away from the office. Ideal customers have a fleet of trucks or drivers they want to stay in contact with. Both mobile and portable radios can utilize wide area service.

Central Texas' ONLY 800 MHz DIGITAL Network

All Points Communications of Austin is proud to offer the only true digital wide area network in the Central Texas area running Motorola's MOTOTRBO Connect Plus. Our digital service offers features other analog systems cannot offer. We currently have 4 sites in the North Texas area. This gives you a much larger coverage area than traditional 1 site systems. With Connect Plus your radio will automatically roam from site to site as you travel around the North Texas area.


Because our wide area service uses Motorola's digital Mototrbo technology we are now able to offer you web-based GPS location services.

What We Offer

Our wide area system utilizes state-of-the-art Motorola Digital Connect Plus technology. This system has many benefits beyond what traditional LTR wide area service offers.

  • Large Coverage Area (click for map)
  • GPS Tracking of Assets
  • Low Monthly Fee
  • One-to-Many Feature
  • Push-To-Talk
  • Unlimited Talk Time
  • Text Messaging
  • Man Down Feature
  • Call Alert Feature
  • Remote Dispatch